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Awareness important for patients undergoing any infuse bone graft surgery

The medical services in any place has to be par excellence and above reproach. However, recently many malpractices in the medical field, are being unearthed which have a huge impact on the health of the patients. One such malpractice which has come to focus is the Medtronic infuse bone graft procedure.

There are several controversies attached to this procedure which has come to the notice of the FDA (the USA Food and Drug Administration).

Today hectic lifestyle has led to more and more people suffering from back pain related problems. The Medtronic infuse bone graft is a liquid protein which is infused to the lower back with surgical procedure to reduce lower back pain. However complaints from the patients who have incurred acute adverse side effects have bought this procedure under the scrutiny of the FDA.

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Depuy hip recall had a great impact on the hip replacement surgery of many patients

The medical field has made breakthrough in several fields of science. Everyday new medicines are being released in the market as a cure for several life threatening diseases. New devices are being manufactured which rectify several dislocations in the body.

At the same time, however some devices are also released in the market which are defective and have huge impact on the health of the patients in the long run. The Depuy hip replacement device is one such device which has caused huge discomfort not only to the patients but also to the medical fraternity. Depuy hip recall was made by Depuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, in 2010 after it was revealed that the hip replacement device was defective and had a high percentage of failure.

Initially they came out with a statement that the device was being pulled back from the market due to low sales and invention of advanced devices. However later it was concurred that the true reason for depuy hip recall was the faulty mechanism and default in the device.

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Protect your health by taking effective precaution and learn every aspect of your treatment

With more and more breakthroughs being made in the medical field, there are as many faulty medical devices being discovered. The treatments which are usually considered highly imperative to cure a particular ailment are sometimes found to be faulty and cause adverse effect to one’s health condition. Presently, the case which is being discussed all over the country is the use of naturalyte products which was being effectively used in the treatment of dialysis for renal failure patients.

The manufactures of naturalyte products, Fresenius Medical Care (FMA) are one of the major suppliers of dialysis products like naturalyte, equipments and other dialysis amenities. However, now these products have come under the scrutiny of the FDA due to naturalyte lawsuits being bought to court. The naturalyte product is a liquid acid concentrate which is used in the treatment of kidney patients. It is found that the administration of these products has resulted in cardiac arrest which sometimes has proved fatal.

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