Welcome to SID Protect Inc.

Welcome to SID Protect Inc.

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SID Protect Inc. is a biometric company specializing in the design, production and marketing of secure identification devices for vehicles and amusement rides.

SID for Vehicles, a biometric fingerprint anti-theft device for car security. SID for Vehicles protects your car against car theft and unauthorized use.

SID PR is a biometric fingerprint secure identification device for amusement rides that is used to ensure that only properly trained and authorized people can operate your amusement rides.

These devices prevent anyone, other than those whose fingerprint is enrolled in the system, from starting or operating the vehicle, or amusement ride, to which it is fitted.

SID Protect Inc. is the developer of SID Secure Identification Device™ (U.S. Patent Pending).

SID Secure Identification Device™ is a biometric fingerprint device which uses the latest in biometric fingerprint technology to protect your equipment from unauthorized use or operation. Due to its innovative design SID Secure Identification Device™ can be applied to many different areas including:

  • Amusement Rides [....More Info....]
  • Motor Vehicles (cars, trucks, buses etc.) [....More Info....]
  • Equipment control panels, and
  • any device or piece of equipment that you wish to restrict the operation of to authorized personnel.

SID does not replace the devices key but is in addition to it giving you two levels of security:

  1. The operator must be in possession of the key, and
  2. the operator must be an authorized user whose fingerprint is registered in SID.

Unless both conditions are met the person will not be able to operate the device to which SID is attached.

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