Should I send my parents to a care home?

Should I send my parents to a care home?

The dilemma of whether or not to send parents to a care home is one that most people have to face once their mum or dad''s health begins to deteriorate. There are financial, ethical and welfare considerations which all need to be made which make the decision far from easy.

Many people feel guilty about sending their parents to a care home - despite it often be the most viable choice for all parties. The decision is made harder for a lot of people because they do not have enough information about the range of care services in the area.

Advantages of sending parents to a care home

Most people choose to send parents to a care home because the continued care of their parents has become too much of a burden on their own lives. However, the relief of these duties is not the sole reason to utilise the services of a local care provider.

Although they may initially fear being cared for by a stranger, a number of elderly people will actually benefit from being cared for by a trained professional. Care workers are employed to make sure that their residents receive constant quality care. This is often of a higher standard than a working professional relative is able to provide.

Many elderly people also enjoy the social element of care homes. Those who are unable to care for themselves are rarely exposed to other members of the community to the extent they are when they are placed in care.

Guilt associated with sending parents to a care home mostly stems from fear of a poor quality of care. Care home patients do have their independence limited to an extent, so a great amount of trust has to be placed in the care home provider.

It can of course be difficult to hand over this responsibility, which is why it is very important to use great consideration when choosing which care home to send a loved one to.

Many placed in this position make use of personal recommendations from friends or reviews on the internet to aid with this decision.