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A Look at How Aging Affects the Anatomy of the Human Body

Published by admin on 27th December 2010

Its an interesting observation as to why our senior years are called the golden years. I guess when one perceives what these years were originally intended to be like, that may have been a fitting description. The study of the anatomy of the human body has proven that there are very distinct signs of the aging body, far before we become consciously aware of it ourselves.

Sure there’s days that we get up filled with aches and pains, but in the young to mid years we find an excuse for it. For example, I played to much ball yesterday, or I lifted too much at work. Then all of a sudden one day, when we wake up to the same aches and pains, its because we’re getting old.

The anatomy of the human body has got to be one of the most intriguing facets present on earth. There is so much that we have come to know about it, but then probably as equality as much, that we don’t know.

Perhaps if we took a personal interest in learning what our bodies are all about, and what they are doing we could go back to enjoying the golden years. The anatomy of the human body is although very complex ,also very easy to get to know if one takes the time. Young people in their twenties, are on top of the world both mentally and physically with their whole life ahead of them in years hopefully , but will it be in optimum health is the real question.

To begin with the ageing process has begun. We start with about a billion neurons in our brain ,and by the time we are in our twenties they have begun to dwindle. Within about ten years we could be losing as much as 10,000 a day. Now that’s got to have some time of impact on us. From a medical point of view, this loss is affecting our memory, co ordination and brain function. The anatomy of the human body is destined to change.

Children’s old bones replace themselves very quickly, around within a two year period. This is actually the replacement of old bone material with new. In adults this replacement can take up ten years. Up until the mid twenties bone density continues to increase. After 35 bone loss starts, and the ageing process has started.

Around 55 our gut starts to become abandoned. All that good bacteria that’s suppose to be there is disappearing. So now the stomach discomforts begin, and poor digestion becomes evident.

These are just a few of the aging processes that take place in our body, and we have the anatomy of the human body, to thank for leading us into our golden years.

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The Smart Way to Learn Human Anatomy

Published by admin on 17th December 2010

In terms of learning aids there are many options, the most common being text books, lectures and online study notes. These are all good choices for getting a grip on the basics, but when it comes to learning human anatomy from head to toe, what’s the smartest way?

With human anatomy being quite a complicated subject, the smartest way to learn is through something called anatomy mnemonics (a system of memorization techniques, or memory aids). What you may not know is that there are three main stages in the storage and retrieval of information when it comes to human memory – encoding (receiving, processing and combining of received information), storage (creation of a permanent record of the encoded information) and retrieval (recall). So how can we best use this system to our advantage when learning anatomy?

One fantastic example of an anatomy mnemonic at work is as follows. To find the arrangement of nerve, artery and vein in the femoral triangle, all you need to do is learn and remember one easy word: VAN. Why? Because the arrangement, from medial to lateral, goes like this: Vein, Artery, Nerve. V-A-N. Say this to yourself out loud once or twice (it’s proven that your mind is more receptive to audio compared to reading) and quiz yourself tomorrow. That’s mnemonics at work!

Mnemonics are the smart way to learn human anatomy. By using the psychologically proven formula found in anatomy mnemonics, you will almost certainly be able to pass your next test at university, all without notes. Likewise, if you are a doctor wishing to brush up on your knowledge, or merely someone who wants to study independently, anatomy mnemonics are a great choice. Using the findings of scientists and psychologists, mnemonics help you to retrieve stored knowledge in seconds.

The only proven system to memorize human anatomy can be found by clicking here.

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