Drug VS Herbal Health Treatments

Drug VS Herbal Health Treatments

There is a glaring difference between the drug and herbal health treatments despite the fact that both are derived from plants. The conventional drugs on the one hand get approval from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after being subjected to intense scientific scrutiny. Drug remedy is based on the use of chemicals processed in a laboratory regardless of whether the chemical has been derived from a plant. The chemical then produces a specific effect when administered in the body

Unlike drug supplements, the herbal health treatments do not undergo any scientific scrutiny and are not strictly regulated. The herbal treatments emanate from the natural chemicals within a plant. The extract is then used either in its original form, refined or mixed with other herbal extracts to come up with a remedy. Some herbal remedies have far reaching implications on users and it is highly recommended that users seek expert counsel before using them.

All herbal supplements are regulated as dietary supplements and therefore stand a high chance of being abused. Manufacturers do not require approval from the FDA before introducing their supplements in the market. In fact, some of the herbal remedies come with a disclaimer stating that their products have not been evaluated by the FDA, an indication that there is no guarantee that they contain the wide range of nutrients listed in their labels.

However the FDA can withdraw products deemed harmful from the market through its monitoring system but still this does not guarantee that herbal supplements are safe. It is important to note that some have active ingredients which pose unexpected risks to users. In most cases the FDA demands that manufacturers state the name of the herbal supplement, give their address, list ingredients and serving size before they can be allowed in the market. Also herbal treatments mixed with conventional drugs can be harmful and life threatening.

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