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Archive for November 2012

Getting pregnant may seem like the simplest thing in the world. Well, it is not. More than 25 million couples worldwide struggle to conceive their own child and they eventually have to resort to artificial methods of conception. According to Dr. John Jain, gynecologist and fertility specialist, almost one in ten couples finds it difficult to conceive. The cause of the infertility will vary but most of these couples then need medical assistance to have their own genetic child. Thankfully, modern medicine now offers a range of procedures by which women and men can improve their fertility and their chances of having a baby. Most of these procedures require hormonal treatments and even hospitalization for a short period of time. However, the chances of conception are high as well

Types of assisted reproduction procedures

Dr Jain is quick to point that most doctors will first start with fertility medication to improve body hormone levels and to increase the formation of female eggs. In some cases, males are also provided with better nutrition and hormones to increase sperm production. If medication does not work, then in vitro fertilization is attempted and this procedure usually has a very high percentage of success. The eggs from the female and sperm from the male are collected and fertilized outside the body to create an embryo. The fertilized embryos are then implanted in the female uterus with intent to establish pregnancy. In vivo fertilization can also be attempted where sperm cells are injected into a fertile woman’s uterus to encourage pregnancy.

There are several more procedures that are done for infertile patients but Dr Jain advises caution. He states that patients must be admitted to an approved medical facility like Santa Monica Fertility Center before any procedure can be done. A trained gynecologist has to evaluate the female and assess the sperm count of the male. This is combined with a complete body check to rule out underlying medical conditions. There are cases where the female body cannot carry a fetus to term resulting in a first trimester miscarriages. In this case, it becomes necessary to find alternate sources like surrogates to carry the baby to term.

Dr Jain says, “Modern medicine is a godsend. There are now thousands of innovative procedures by which you can have your own genetic child. Most procedures are effective and they have very high success rates. However, it is necessary to have a talented doctor who can find the right treatment for you.”