About the Practice

About  the  Practice

New Mexico Medical Board License Number: 93-244

Pediatric Primary Care Services and Adult and Adolescent Psychology

Our pediatric practice is located in the new Medical Office Building of the Los Alamos Medical Center, suite M250. This is located within Los Alamos Women''s Health Clinic.

As of the moment, we have one pediatric board certified physician, Dr. Tom Csanadi and his full time nurse, Nadine Mondragon.

We will be able to offer comprehensive medical care to patients up to age 21 years. Regular office hours will be from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday.

The practice will focus on preventative medicine and patient/family education. This will include, among many other things, pre-participation sports physicals, infant and toddler well child checks, annual physicals, comprehensive asthma care plans and in-depth guidance and management of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

It is also very important to know that our location enables us to have easy access to women''s health, ENT, psychology and nutritional counseling services.

New Mexico Board Board of Nursing License Number: R52804

New Mexico Counseling and Therapy Practice Board License Number: 1534

Medical Insurances: We accept medical insurances including but not limited to: Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Mexico, United Healthcare, Presbyterian Health Services, and Medicaid.

One of my main focuses will be on patient and family education. Over the years I have learned that almost every parent or patient who comes into the clinic has a real thirst for knowledge and information. Many of our phone calls are really about asking for a little help in deciding what to do and when to make an appointment, if at all. I want to empower all of my patient families to have a solid, reasonable knowledge base to be able to make sound medical decisions about common childhood ailments. I am trusting you with this because I know it is possible. Of course, we will also be very happy to see your child in the clinic on an urgent basis when necessary. We are working towards having many high quality resources available for you to use. If you want to research something on asthma triggers, for example, or learn about behavioral strategies for your child with ADHD, we will provide you with what you need. One of the tools that will be available to our families is be a program called "Patient Education Online" which is produced by the American Academy of Pediatrics and is based on decades of evidence based policies and guidelines. This online service will be available, free of charge, on a computer in the resource area of our clinic. Even if you do not have an appointment, please come on in to look something up. If some of our patients need assistance with a health related school project, they are welcome to this service too.Another important focus will be on preventative medicine. Appointment time slots will be long enough to spend more time with each patient, allowing us to try our best to practice more comprehensive care. As providers, we always strive to meet all of our patients'' needs and now we are setting out to create the opportunity to make that happen. For example, if you come in because of a sports related injury, we might also discuss your diet and nutritional needs or touch on your current sleep habits or stresses to identify whether anything else could have contributed to the the injury. As a matter of fact, our new clinic will place more of an emphasis on healthy child exams so that we can truly focus on comprehensive care as well as patient education.We are also planning on setting aside blocks of time during the week to be mobile - to do both physician and nurse home visits. House calls are something that I believe most providers would love to be able to do, but because of intense scheduling find it very difficult to actually follow through on. Well, we will make the time.