Your body – A complete guide to fitness, health and beauty

Your body – A complete guide to fitness, health and beauty

Your body - A complete guide to fitness, health and beauty
Your body - A complete guide to fitness, health and beauty
Your body – A complete guide to fitness, health and beauty

This book is exactly what the title reads: “A complete guide to fitness, health and beauty”.

This book is not a revelation, it is not a breakthrough system, it does not contain secret information, it will not allow you to “achieve your dream body in a cutting edge revolutionary 6 weeks program”, it is not “3 minutes every day for a tropical beach body”. This book is a 400+ normal pages book, which contains almost all information you need to achieve a healthy, well conditioned and good looking body. Please refer to the Book Content for details.

Physical exercise, nutrition and lifestyle are the three main pillars of health, fitness and beauty, therefore this book contains chapters relevant for each of these three pillars. I wrote this book to be red by everybody. I know that it is not good for marketing to have a product which tries to appeal to everybody, but I imagine that every person in this world wants to be healthy, to posses superior fitness and to look good. So men, women, adults, youngsters, athletes and sedentary all can profit by applying the information written in this book.

Inside the book you will find 500+ clear photos to show explicitly exercise techniques.

If you would train with a good personal trainer, he or she should let you know all information present inside this book. You might need more than 200 personal training classes until the trainer could present you will all information contained in this book. I highly recommend this book to all personal trainers; as I wrote above, it contains all the information you have to teach, tell and show to your clients.

This is the book I wished to have when I began to systematically train physical conditioning 15 years ago. This is the book I needed when I began to train my first Personal Training clients 8 years ago. This is the book I needed when my progress was staling many times during my 15 years of continuous strength training. If I would have had this book I could have achieved the results I achieved within over 15 years of training in just 3 or 4 years.

This book explains in detail the science behind every successful training program. By learning all the information presented in this book you will understand not just how to train, but at a much deeper level why you have to train like you chose to. Training well means getting the results you want and you can possibly achieve, in the shortest time, in the most efficient manner.

I strongly believe that every individual should and has to exercise regularly; therefore this book suits every individual who wants to posses a healthy and good looking body, which also performs well.

If you practice any athletic discipline, you must know that physical conditioning is paramount for succeeding at a high level. Inside this book you will find the information you need to know in order to train well for improving your physical abilities: speed, strength, endurance, flexibility and motor skills.

What this book will help you to do? (If you read it and practice what you read)

  • Lose fat – healthy, surely and permanently
  • Improve your overall fitness
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Improve you specific fitness
  • Increase your physical conditioning level you need for performing sports and athletic disciplines at a higher level
  • Correct your physical deficiencies
  • Reach your maximal strength capabilities

Your body – A complete guide to fitness, health and beauty

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