Wellness Programs – Focus on Exercise Plans.

Wellness Programs – Focus on Exercise Plans.

Benefits of Exercise Programs

Exercise reduces weight, reduces risks of heart attack and stroke, assists to control blood pressure (BP) and diabetes, and improves mood. Studies increasingly show that exercise might also help reduce the occurrence of certain kinds of cancer.

Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance (CDC) lately documented another major advantage – exercise improves the health of the nation’s medical care expenditures.3 As reported by the CDC, physically active individuals incur $865 less annually in healthcare costs than inactive individuals .

Dr. Michael Moore, vice president and chief medical director at Nationwide Insurance in Columbus, maintains that exercise is the most effective tool in health maintenance. “If you could prescribe exercise in a pill, it would be the number-one prescribed treatment in the world,” he said.

In step with Dr. Moore’s prescription, nearly one-third of USA businesses help personnel pay for gym memberships, as reported by an Associated Press report. Subsidizing gym memberships is just one way businesses encourage active life choices.

Well-liked fitness-forward programs -

o Start a corporation softball or volleyball league.

o Compile and distribute information about opportunities to join athletic groups in your community.

o Offer partial or complete reimbursement for fitness facility memberships.

o Hold aerobics, karate, yoga or other kinds of fitness classes on-site.

o Give extended lunch hours for personnel who commit to lunchtime exercise programs.

o Introduce an on-site exercise facility that is free, or available at a nominal cost, to personnel and their families.

o Conduct on-site wellness fairs that include fitness demonstrations and promote fitness activities and resources.