Snackity Snack!

Snackity Snack!

Good morning! It’s Thursdaaaay… and you know what that means? It’s my birthday tomorrow!

I can’t wait!!

But back to my day yesterday! Breakfast was: sunflower, poppy and sesame seed bread toasted with a tiny bit of peanut butter, a banana and a little honey. This was of course accompanied with an almond milk coffee!

Mid-morning snack was: half a cup of Lowan’s Natural Almond and Apricot Muesli, an apple, a heaped tsp of peanut butter and a third of a cup of organic soy milk.

For lunch I really wanted another turkey sandwich, but I’d already had a bread roll for breakfast. This is the thing with me, I LOVE bread! Think this is has something to do with the 4 years I worked at Subway back when I was a teen. The smell of freshly baked bread still gets me! I could honestly eat it for every meal – which is not so good. I don’t deprive myself of it, but do limit myself because I know it’s a weakness of mine. I let myself have bread for one meal a day. Since I already had a roll for breakfast, I made a turkey salad instead!

It had all the same things, just minus the roll: Baby spinach, turkey breast, few small strips of camembert cheese torn up and a tbsp. of cranberry sauce. YUM!

I must admit though, it didn’t fill me up for very long. I was so snacky all afternoon! I grazed on a few pistachios sporadically throughout the day. For my second snack, I cut up a tonne of cantaloupe and a kiwi to graze on.

I was going to go for a run after work, but the bestie texted me and suggested a skate date. I of course, said yes! Skating is definitely one of my favourite forms of “exercise”.

I got home, quickly got changed and snacked on a banana before I left so I wouldn’t be starving.

We skated til the sun set

Then I got home and had leftovers from Tuesday. Stuffed Capsicum!! (Recipe is on yesterday’s post for those of you who may have missed it). Mum had also made stir fried broccoli as a side dish to dinner the other night and there was some leftover so I pinched it to have with my capsicum

I hadn’t had dessert in a while so I had 2 squares of mint filled organic dark chocolate. Oh so good!!

And that was my day! I definitely need to make bigger salads or have more complex carbs with my lunch so I’m not so “snacky” all afternoon. Believe me, everything sounds good to eat when you’re snacky. It didn’t help that there are boxes of chocolates EVERYWHERE in our office for charity fundraising. However, I didn’t succumb to temptation! High five

Today I brought some baked sweet potato to make a salad out of. Hopefully this keeps me more satisfied than yesterday’s lunch!

Hope you all have a great Thursday. I’m trying not to count down the hours until my birthday, but it’s just too hard! Ciao for now my lovelies xx