Recent news about menopause.

Recent news about menopause.

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about health home » menopause » newsRecent menopause newsSurvey Finds Use of Herbs for Menopause Is Common (New York Times)More than half of women who treat their menopause symptoms take soy supplements or herbs as part or all of their therapy.

Reducing Your Risk of Menopause (ThirdAge)Because menopause is a natural biological event in every woman’s life, there is no way to prevent it from occurring. You can, however, take measures designed to reduce your risk of diseases associated with estrogen loss, including osteoporosis and heart disease.

''Red Hot Mamas'' educate women menopause health (Enterprise Ledger)A program called "Red Hot Mamas," the nation’s largest menopause education provider, is getting a lot of attention from women going through menopause.

Frozen-eggs breakthrough offers new fertility hope (The Scotsman)A NEW way of freezing human eggs might help women side-step the menopause and have children later in life, a conference was told yesterday.

Homegrown Hormone Therapy: How Safe? (BusinessWeek)Popular alternatives to menopause drugs are under fierce attack by Wyeth and other pharmaceutical companies

Homegrown Hormone Therapy: How Safe? (BusinessWeek Online via Yahoo! Asia News)Popular alternatives to menopause drugs are under fierce attack by Wyeth and others

Flash: No Needles (Washington Post)The search for a benign, effective alternative treatment for hot flashes -- which has included the use of soy products, Chinese herbs and hypnosis -- has hit another roadblock. The study of acupuncture as a remedy for hot flashes was sparked by reports from women who had undergone the ancient...

Success reported in new egg-freezing method (, Czech Republic (Reuters) -- A new method of freezing human eggs could enable many more women, particularly young cancer patients, to have children, Japanese fertility experts said on Monday.

The Role of Estrogen in the Development of Age-Related Cognitive Impairment and Dementia (Psychiatric Times)During and after menopause, many women report impairments in cognitive functioning. One of the most controversial issues in medicine today is the decision to prescribe hormone therapy for women as a way to mitigate the physical and cognitive symptoms of menopause.

Women find new methods to control their bodies (KFVS12)From exercising to altering menstrual periods, women now have power to dictate the future of their bodies! But, when it comes to women''s health, too much of a good thing can have detrimental consequences.

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