John Nguyen Affordable health insurance rates - Part 12

John Nguyen Affordable health insurance rates - Part 12

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California Violent Crime Rate Falls for Third Consecutive Year

California’s violent crime rate has declined 6.6 percent in the past year, according to the California Department of Justice’s annual crime report for 2009, recently released by Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr.

“Crime in California 2009 – Advance Release” is compiled by the California Department of Justice based on data reported by police and sheriff’s departments in all of California’s 58 counties. The 2009 figures, drawn from crime reports, show that crime rates have declined in every category of offense measured, from homicide (-8.9 percent) and robbery (-8.6 percent) to motor vehicle theft (-15.8 percent) and arson (-14.3 percent).

In fact, last year’s drop marked the third consecutive year in which violent crime (-6.6 percent), property crime (-10.1 percent), and larceny and theft (-6.5 percent) rates have all declined.

Fireman’s Fund Introduces New Green Insurance Endorsements

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. has introduced new green insurance endorsements that broadens coverage and allows policyholders to tailor solutions for their needs.

Fireman’s Fund has launched Green Financial Incentive Coverage to provide protection for incentives impacting taxes, utilities, loans and more related to green installations or upgrades. In the event of a loss, Fireman’s Fund will cover any losses for two calendar years.

Fireman’s Fund’s endorsements contain several additional enhancements, including:

Broadening eligibility for post-loss green upgrade to include all real and personal property that more efficiently uses energy or water, improves human health or reduces the impact on the environment.

Nev. Dangerous Dog Owner Must Insure It for $50K

A judge has ordered a man convicted of harboring a dangerous dog to take out a $50,000 insurance policy on the boxer mix named Astro if he doesn’t want it euthanized after it attacked a woman and killed one of her small dogs.

Sparks Justice Court Pro Tem Judge Gail Holderer also ordered Eric Wagner, 44, to build a special enclosure and post warning signs about his dog.

Kristi Empey, of Sparks, had two surgeries to repair bite wounds on her arm from the February attack in her neighborhood. Her Pomeranian was killed and her dachshund suffered a punctured lung.

Louisiana’s Melancon Urges BP to Pay Jobless Rig Workers’ Full Salaries

U.S. Congressman Charlie Melancon (LA-03) says lost wages of oil rig workers who are out of a job due to the moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico could reach as high as $330 million a month. Melancon wants BP to foot the bill for paying the full salary of every rig worker who has been laid off.

The congressman, whose district is in Southeast Louisiana, sent a letter to BP CEO Tony Hayward calling on the company to pay the full salaries of the laid off rig workers.

Melancon also has been pressing the Obama Administration to end the moratorium on deep-water drilling and clarify new regulations for shallow-water drilling that have created a “de facto” moratorium in the Gulf.

BP in a recent meeting with President Barak Obama agreed to set up a $20 billion fund to pay claims related to the spill.

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