Health Myth Exposed: Arrogance and ignorance can kill

Health Myth Exposed: Arrogance and ignorance can kill

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I did a juicer demo to an elderly couple today. The husband has colon cancer and just had part of his colon removed and had to go on a liquid diet. Thus they are considering juicing.When I arrived at their home, they received me with a lot of skepticism. The wife was arrogant in some way, yet they asked me a lot of questions about juicing, about nutrition, about cancer, and about healing. I deal with cancer patients a lot and understand their concerns. I shared with the elderly couple as gently as I could.As I talked to them, it was so obvious why the husband had colon cancer. They cannot hide their faulty eating habits from me. The wife had a huge tummy, like 8 months pregnant. I just felt that if she would not take care of her health, she just might be the next candidate for colon cancer, sorry to say.The husband looked weak and the wife was clearly concerned. She said that he was "always healthy and SUDDENLY was diagnosed with cancer". She also said that his health had deteriorated since the surgery. I didn't have the heart to tell her that cancer doesn't happen SUDDENLY, and that surgeries are always the beginning of a slow, painful death especially at an elderly age.Since they asked me what sort of diet he should go on, I begin to explain to them what he should firstly AVOID. I told them that I don't believe in chemotherapy which would further KILL his immune system when it is at this very moment that he needs to BUILD UP his immune system. I made it clear to them that drugs is NOT the way to go. By going through with chemotherapy, I can see that his health would just go downhill. As it is, he's already so weak.Unfortunately, I think I touched a raw nerve because they later mentioned that their son is a doctor. Hah!! The son will be the death of the father! Too bad ... nothing I can say at this point.I kept emphasizing to the elderly couple to avoid fruit juices as cancerous cells thrive on sugar and can grow rapidly in that kind of environment. Again, unfortunately, their arrogance insists that they know better and that their oncologist said he could "eat anything in moderation". I see no point in arguing with people like these. Anyway, it is their life, their health, their body. They are responsible for their own actions. I've said what I needed to say. I wonder why they even bother to ask me anything.Though I did make my sale, my heart is not comforted knowing the "fate" of this man. I said a little prayer for them and left. God bless the couple. SD.

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