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September 27, 2011 by revoe Filed under Baby Health Advices

Everyday Baby Health Concerns that Parents Should Watch for

Babies are cute and fun to have around but their needs and health are two things that parents should concern themselves with the most. Good nutrition and plenty of fluids for nursing mothers are needed for a good, healthy breast milk flow. It is important for mothers to wash their nipples and hands before and after breast feeding. Drinking water, juice, or milk frequently is a must for breast feeding mothers. Spicy foods, chocolate, or caffeinated beverages should be avoided because they will affect breast milk taste and their contents are not good for newborn babies. It pays to take extra attention to the health of the mother, which can also help in the health of the baby.

There are a lot of factors affecting the healthy growth and development of babies. Milk is the fuel that makes a baby grow in their first years. Breast milk and formula milk provide the right nutrients for their first few months of life. It serves the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals for the brain and body development. Formula is obviously a great alternative, but breast milk is perfect for protecting the baby against gastrointestinal and respiratory infections because it contains antibodies from the mother. However, bottle feeding has its own advantages too, even though most of these advantages are more for the mother than the baby. If bottles are used then they must be properly sterilized. The water used in the milk should be boiled before giving the bottle to baby, or use store bought “nursery water”, which is sterilized and contains fluoride.

Some babies are allergic to certain formulas. Most of the time we see the symptoms of an allergy occur within minutes or hours after food ingestion. Allergic reactions to formula may be seen in a baby’s difficulty sleeping. However, the true signs include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pains and bloody stools. If it is suspected that the baby is suffering from the condition, then it is advisable to seek professional medical help. Only a doctor can tell if a baby has allergies to a specific formula, so parents should delay consultation after detecting the symptoms. However if baby is sick from bacteria around the home, it is best to make sure that everything he/she touches has been sterilized.

Another health problem babies may experience is bottle tooth decay. Baby bottle tooth decay is caused by allowing the baby to fall asleep every time with a bottle nipple in his mouth. The milk formula or juice continues to drip out and pools around the teeth. Usually the two front teeth are the ones that are affected first and most commonly. The sugar these drinks contain combines with bacteria creating acid that attacks the teeth where the pool is being formed. This acid dissolves the tooth enamel over time.

Parents may not notice their baby’s tooth decay immediately, but as it spreads, a black line can be seen forming in the middle of the baby’s two front teeth. If this is not taken care of and the practice continues, the bacteria will continue to attack the teeth giving out a foul smell which can indicate destroying of the teeth. There will also be a formation of cavities, decay, severe pain and sometimes gum disease. Babies teeth are very important to the baby’s health and growth. If these dark blotches are present, parents should be sure to have them taken care of, as they may also affect the side and back teeth. The baby’s teeth should be brushed after meal time, and especially before bedtime particularly when the baby begins to eat solid foods. The baby’s health should be important to parents, and with the proper measures baby will always be healthy and happy.

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