Death begins in the Colon.

Death begins in the Colon.

The main purpose of our colon is to help feed the cells of our body. If it is dirty and has dry fecal material on the walls our nutrients can’t get to the cells to feed them. This is why when we have an ear infection you will hear in the natural field to take good bacteria. If our intestinal tract has lots of good bacteria this will help with infections in the body and help prevent these problems occurring in the first place. The environment in our intestinal tract will determine the condition of the rest of our body. By doing a cleanse we help all areas of our body. Colonics and fasting can be beneficial also. Please if you are unhealthy and under the care of a doctor check with him first.

Do you have:

Depression backache not from injuryIrritability digestive problemsAllergic reactions diabetiesAsthma chronic ear infections Colds mercury poisoning Used a lot of antibiotics used birth control pills

People with chronic constipation, Candida and any of the above symptoms need my three-step plan to help restore health. Click on the links below to educate yourself and remember death begins in the colon. Don’t forget to eat your whole grains, fruits, and vegetables,get some exercise and manage stress. Stay away from the soda pops because they are very acid. If you want a clear head, eyes, good hearing and lots of energy you must have a healthy digestive system. Thanks for visiting. Come again.

Third step is to build with probiotics which help the colon to be healthy.