Child Obesity in America

Child Obesity in America

Child obesity in America is becoming a great problem today because when it comes to obesity in our youth the information age can be as much of a curse as a blessing.The reason for this is that when children are given unlimited access to games and other entertainment online and other entertainment systems they tend to be reluctant to get outside and play more active games to get much needed exercise and burn off calories. Although there are many other causes of childhood obesity the impact of these forms of entertainment is becoming catastrophic. Steps need to be taken to solve this problem before these children become adults and raise children who have the same types of problems all of which are escalating the over all health costs in America while decreasing productivity.

Causes and Solutions to Child Obesity in America

Like the majority of people who have a problem maintaining their weight, the biggest contributors to child obesity in America are improper eating patterns and a lack of consistent exercise. When children sit in the house all day and do not get physical exercise, they are not burning off the calories that they are taking in. Additionally, snack food is usually easily accessible in the house, so children are more likely to snack in between meals if the parents do not regulate their eating patterns. There are some obese children who have other health problems that contribute to their high weight, such as genetic diseases and hormonal disorders, but the number is very small compared to the ones that are obese simply as a result of lifestyle.

When parents are searching for a solution to child obesity in America, the family physician should be consulted before starting a weight loss plan to make sure that there are not any other health issues that are contributing to the added weight. After this is ruled out, then the physician can recommend a proper diet plan that is appropriate for the age and size of child as well as an exercise plan that can help the child lose the extra weight.

Since children who are overweight usually have unhealthy eating habits, fixing the problem usually involves the entire family''s support. Families with obese children in America usually need to change the types of foods that are kept in the house as well as the types of meals that are prepared to make them lower in fat and higher in the nutrients that the child needs. In addition, the patterns of exercise or lack thereof must also be changed in most cases by the family, especially depending on the age of the child. For older children, it is helpful for the parent''s to start exercising with their children or to get them into a sport or exercise program with other adolescents. For younger children, finding a sport or other games that the child enjoys playing outside on a regular basis is important and it may or may not require the parent''s involvement.

In the final analysis, child obesity in America, although heavily influenced by the media, can really only be stemmed by individual families realizing the economic and social implications of obesity and taking the necessary steps to change the lifestyle that has created the problems. Given the understanding that many, many people will not take the personal responsibility for their own lifestyle it is highly likely that child obesity in America will continue to grow in epidemic numbers.