Vision of Total Healthcare Information System

Vision of Total Healthcare Information System
It is extremely critical that once the Hospital or Healthcare Service Provider is totally online on 21st Century Health Solutions, the management should be assured of ongoing and prompt support to ensure that there is no breakdown of services due to any problems with systems.

21st Century Health has a web-based Support Centre call management system which is closely monitored by top management to ensure prompt and proper resolution of any calls. Over the last few years, our Help Desk has a built a reputation of being a very competent and reliable long term partner with each of our Healthcare .

As a part of our ongoing support, you will not only get prompt telephonic support, remote login support via internet and bug fixes /updates throughout the year but also product upgrades and enhancements made to our solutions to meet the changes in environment and service expectations of the marketplace.

21st Century Health Support Centre has launched an innovative remote support initiative, named RSF, by which our Support Centre in Mumbai can provide prompt online support to our users anywhere in the world. Through RSF, our Support Centre consultants actually connect, through the Internet, to the Hospital or Healthcare institution’s backup server, diagnose and solve the problem of the user without the need to transfer data files etc. With the successful deployment of RSF at most of our existing clients, the
21st Century Health management is currently working on the logistics of providing 24x7 Premium support services to Healthcare Institutions who opt for it.
1. Improved accuracy and speed of diagnosis and resolution
Any problem reported by the user can be simulated by our Helpdesk directly on the hospital backup server thus ensuring that our consultant is able to see and diagnose the problem at the point where it occurred. Trying to simulate the reported problem on our office server (which may have different versions of OS, RDBMS and data) is a time consuming exercise.
2. Saves time and duplication of efforts at Client End.
By the remote login method, there is no loss of time sending screen dumps and data by email or courier to 21st Century support centre.
3. Eliminates miscommunication
Besides time, very often there is some level of miscommunication when the user / coordinator reports a problem; it could be either the versions you are using or the recent changes made in the masters or parameters which the coordinator may think is not important to report to help desk. By logging in directly into the back up server, our consultant can check out such critical factors, which are important in solving the problem faced.
By implementing RSF, we have experienced significant reduction in number of calls, improvement in the speed with which problems are resolved and therefore higher availability and satisfaction of the users of 21st Century Health’s Solutions.