Treat Your Hair Early To Get Rid Of Hair Fall Health Advices

Treat Your Hair Early To Get Rid Of Hair Fall  Health Advices

Posted by Bharath on May 24, 2012 in Health Tips 0 comments

Treat Your Hair Early To Get Rid Of Hair Fall

Hair loss has become a rampant problem among the men and women of the urban world. The increase in the level of pollution and the increasing stress that we have to endure day in and day out takes a heavy toll on our health and especially our hair as they are very delicate and need special care. With the advancement of medical sciences, many treatments have come up that can be considered by those suffering from.

Hair loss is caused by the excessive production of DHT hormone. If you undergo a hormone therapy have your DHT inhibitor administered in your body, you will get effective relief from hair loss. However, your body might react to the lack of DHT hormone. Therefore, you must consult a hair loss specialist or dermatologist before you undergo this treatment.

Shampoos that contain anti-inflammatory drugs can help reduce the itchiness and flaking of the scalp. This helps in the reduction of hair fall. For best results they should be used at least thrice every week. However, you should always follow the doctor’s advice.

This is a very useful tip for hair loss treatment. It helps in the increase of the blood circulation in the scalp and therefore, increases the growth of hair. You can mix equal portions of water and vinegar. If you massage the scalp with this mixture then the pH of the scalp will be balanced and therefore the hair loss will be arrested. If you massage your scalp regularly with hair oil, then you won’t face the ravages of hair loss later on.

If you keep the scalp clean of the oil and the dirt that accumulates there, then you won’t have to take medical help later on to tackle hair loss. Do not oil your hair before leaving your home. If you do then more dirt will accumulate in your hair and on the scalp. Another step that you can take is tying the long hair. Those who have long hair should keep it tied as long as they can. This helps to keep the hair tangle free and therefore does not break easily.

The author Grogan Smith has a deep interest in health issues that are bothering the modern generation. Here, he shares some tips for hair loss treatment.

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Treat Your Hair Early To Get Rid Of Hair Fall

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