Stretching-exercise fitness for beauty and relaxation

Stretching-exercise fitness for beauty and relaxation

After crunches, push ups, exercise fitness with weights, jogging or cycling do not directly targeted the shower. After any form of exercise is recommended to do a stretching session. Your muscles were contracted during intense physical activity and need to relax.

We all do some form of stretching without realizing it, when we bend. It''s pleasant and relaxing, but few know that stretching your muscles, joints is a beneficial activity, which increases flexibility.


The best part is that you should not be in top shape and do not need to go to the gym to do stretching. You can stretch your muscles even if you''re a sedentary person and it is appropriate. Many athletes do exercises stretching before and after the work they submit. Perhaps they know something, right? Here''s why stretching should not miss from your daily work.
- Increase flexibility. Enhances your flexed muscle performance. Lifting heavy objects, climbing stairs, running after the bus, things you do every day, all will become less tedious.
- Improves flexibility of joints. That means that you have a better balance, better mobility and the risk of wreck or twists will be lower.
- Stretching improves your circulation. Blood flow to your muscles will be higher, which help you get back soon after a fever or muscle tension.

Contribute to a beautiful outfit. Stretching keeps your muscles relaxed frequently made and strong, helping you maintain a good posture. For example, to have a right back, muscles need to be powerful.
- Decrease stress. Due to stress, your muscles become tense and painful. Stretching your muscles relax and heal these.
- Prevents accidents. If you prepare your muscles and joints for fitness session, have far less likely to make a stretch, a muscular foot or a sprain.


And last but not least, stretching helps eliminate cellulite and makes muscles longer. You have longer and more beautiful legs if you stretch every day thighs and calves.
To enjoy all the benefits it brings stretching exercises necessary need to be executed correctly. Here is how to avoid mistakes:
- Work the major muscle groups. Do not avoid stretching legs, thighs, back, neck and shoulders.
- Make your warm-up. Some time ago it was thought that stretching itself is a method of heating. Meanwhile it was discovered that these exercises done without heating can cause quite serious stretch.
- Keep each movement for 30 seconds. Tissue does not spread as quickly as you think. Keep muscle stretched at least 30 seconds and no more than 60 seconds, if you have very tight muscles, or work a problem area.
- Do not get hurt. It is normal to feel some tension in the muscles, but should not feel pain. If only means that you overreacted a bit. Relax the muscles and try again, but stop at a point where you do not feel any pain.
- Work all the muscles equally. If you’re right-handed, does not mean you should neglect left shoulder and left thigh.

You choose how often you do stretching. Usually you should do it after each session of exercise fitness, jogging or any other activity in which you use your muscles. If you have a sedentary job and stay long in office, try to do stretching every day so that the back muscles eliminate tension. You will see that is an easy exercise to perform, very relaxing and quite pleasant.

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