Is this Healthy? Enough Food? Nutrition?

Is this Healthy? Enough Food? Nutrition?

Is this Healthy? Enough Food? Nutrition?

Okay. I am a 18 male around 5’9 and about 175-180 pounds depending on the day. I am trying to loose about 10-15 pounds. I made this diet up and this is a sample day of what I would be eating. Would you please make suggestions and tell me what is right and wrong about it thanks.

(7:00 am) Breakfast: 1 Banana, Serving of Unfrosted Mini Wheats, 1 glass of skim milk, 1 egg

(9:30 am) Snack: Almonds, String cheese, Lowfat low sugar yogurt, or Triskets w/ olive

(11:30-12:30) Lunch: Two whole wheat english muffins. Half an avacado, Serving of refried beans, 1 glass of skim milk, 1 can of chicken and a fruit

(2-3:30pm) Snack: Almonds, String Cheese, Low fat low sugar yogart, Or triskets in olive oil

(6-7pm) Dinner: Salmon or Chicken with steamed veggies and 1 cup of rice

(9pm) Snack: Glass of skim milk

I added the skim milk at the end because I tend to get hungry before bed. Its hard to sleep while I am hungry. Is this enough calories? Is this to much? Well balanced? Suggestions Please. I am also going to be drinking alot of water throughout the day.

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The protein looks good though you could add another egg for breakfast. The fats generally look to be healthy. I’m only counting 2 veggies and two fruits. I’d recommend dropping the string cheese and triscuits for additional fruits or vegetables.

Make sure the almonds are raw. Or switch it up with a raw mixed nuts serving.

I’d also suggest adding a scoop of whey protein to that 9PM glass of skim milk. That will give your body plenty to use while you sleep.

I’d also recommend two books: Body for Life by Bill Phillips, and Ultrametabolism by Dr. Mark Hyman.

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