Hot Flashes – Finding A Good Supplement

Hot Flashes – Finding A Good Supplement

Hot Flashes – Finding A Good Supplement

Do you suffer from hot flashes? The part of life that most women dread. Menopause lunges out to grab us at an age anywhere from 40-55, give or take a few years. This signalsthe end of a woman’s fertile time and can be an emotionally and physically difficult time. Menopause arrives with many side effects. One of the most grating side effects of enduring menopause is hot flashes. They can strike at anytime, without warning. You start to feel an intense sensation of heat come over your entire body in a rush, and sometimes get very faint and lightheaded. This can be very uncomfortable and you never know when the next one is going to arrive. In the winter, if you are indoors with a sweater on, the flash can become almost unbearable. People make jokes about hot flashes all the time, even the person having one. It’s a way to lighten the situation, even when feeling poorly.

No one knows what really causes the hot flash, but scientists believe that estrogen must somehow feed the hypothalmus, a small gland which helps regulate body’s temperature. The hypothalmus is near the pituitary gland. The withdrawal of estrogen appears to affect the hypothalmus. Even though we don’t know for sure the cause, we can figure out ways to alleviate the discomfort.

A cool compress on the forehead can help, but may be inconvenient when in public. The hot flash will usually last about a minute or so, so it may be over by the time you can manage this. Other symptoms of menopause are night sweats, moodiness, vaginal dryness, heart palpitations, depression and also trouble sleeping, to name a few. All of these problems arise when the estrogen your body has been producing for many years starts to decline.

You can take laboratory-made hormones prescribed by your doctor, but you only want to do this for a small time, as hormones have been linked to certain cancers. Many women take soy supplements to help alleviate symptoms but now that has been linked to breast cancer. A woman needs to be able to rely on some type of treatment for hot flashes.

A better option is to seek out herbal remedies to help with your symptoms. There is no reason to suffer from hot flashes. Look for a supplement that will help with other symptoms also, including vaginal dryness, mood swings, night sweats and anxiety. Most good supplements will contain black cohosh, as this has been shown to help when mixed with other herbs. You can expect to take a supplement or herbal therapy for a few years, give or take, until all the hardships pass, or until you feel that they are at a tolerable level.

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