The joy from plastic surgery

The joy from plastic surgery
The joy from plastic surgery
Posted by: Ria Brillante on May 12, 2013 in News, Psychology 2

The opinions on plastic surgery vary in every people, depending on their culture and their principles. The conservative groups may say that plastic surgery is a source of discontentment and would not consider having one. On the other hand, liberated parties would say that it is the right of every person to do what they want with their bodies, especially if it can improve them. Plastic surgery can be a debatable issue and can involve ethical considerations.

Plastic surgery will never be invented and would not last in the first place, if there was no person who needed it. You can never really understand why people undergo such procedure unless you put yourself on the shoes of those people who opted for it. Professors Margraf and von Humboldt made a closer look on the people who underwent plastic surgery and explored the psychological facets linked to it.

In terms of the profile of the people who underwent plastic surgery, majority of them were women and are young adults. In terms of economic status, most of them have a higher than average income. The purpose of their plastic surgery was mostly to become more beautiful and pleasing. The study also showed that people who underwent plastic surgery usually have realistic goals prior to procedure. They did not ambitious goals such as seeing plastic surgery as a solution to all their problems or as a rebirth. They knew clearly what the procedure can achieve in terms of their physical and psychological being.

In examining the psychological results of plastic surgery, a lot of positive responses were solicited from the successful patients. They were happier, more confident of themselves, more optimistic and felt well and fit. They also found themselves to be more attractive and likeable person. Over-all these plastic surgery patients felt better than they used to. It gave them a sense of worth that they did not appreciate before in their selves.

As plastic surgery may entail physical and financial risks, still, some people are courageous enough to subject themselves to it. Sometimes, plastic surgery is not all about vanity but it can also be a turning point for a person to change perspective on how they see themselves.