Popular Multi Fuel Stoves Burning Wood Pellets, Corns and Cherry Pits

Popular Multi Fuel Stoves Burning Wood Pellets, Corns and Cherry Pits

Article by Devid Hussy

Multi fuel stoves very much look like wood burning stoves in design and appearance. These stoves have a special feature to burn wood, wood pellets, coal and peat. These stoves have grate so that the fire burns on and has a removable ash pan, which are now considered must for such kinds of contemporary stoves. The stove shall be a wood-only fuelled appliance, if the fire easily burns on the bed of ash and this makes it clear that the stove cannot be used for peat and coal. Advantage of Its light weight: These stoves are very light in weight hence they can be easily carried for trekking and camping. They easily burn fuels like kerosene, white gas, automobile petrol which depends on the model of the stove. Operating such stores can be challenging technically hence it is important to practice the set-up before you opt to take the stove for travelling along with you. There is an assortment of designs of such stoves which operate differently and the manufacturer’s guidelines must be followed for correct operation and safety. Benefits of using multi fuel stoves:Such stoves differ from the ordinary stoves in the sense that they have the ability to produce heat using different kinds of fuels like smokeless coal, peat or wood. It is for this reason, that these kinds of stoves are also known as solid coal stoves or gas stoves. It is more convenient to clean and operate these stoves. These stoves come with beneficial features like • Shake able fire grills which can be jiggled to drop the solid residue into the ash pan• Air wash systems for the purpose of keeping the glass covering clean. • More heat can be produced if smokeless coal is burnt and consumption rate of the fuel would be low but more heat would be produced. • This kind of heat production would be ideal when overnight room heating is required. • Help in saving extra costs of electricity and gases • Provide excellent heating services • Uses Environmental friendly and cost effective fuel replacementsBeautiful design, less power consumption and more heat production:Modern stoves provide all the features that make them an excellent stove. These features are:• Beautiful covering bodies usually made of iron• Can be easily incorporated in the existing fire place• Compact sizes which makes them easily adjustable in the existing fire places without having to incur costs on constructing a new customized fire place• Consume less fuel and produce more heatContemporary stoves are available in many designs and the customer can chose a stove that suits his customized space and heating requirements. It is a wiser option to choose a stove which uses multiple fuels as compared to a single fuel.

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