Launching the First Blog Post of Happy Foodease

Launching the First Blog Post of Happy Foodease

It’s time to launch the first blog of Happy Foodease. We are Kat and Val and our mission is to share with you ways and ideas to make healthy eating easy. Let’s have some fun in the kitchen together.

We thought we would share with you some tips on traveling and keeping a healthy diet. We just came back from a road trip to Quebec and have practiced the tips below.

The best way to stick to your lifestyle while traveling is to be prepared.

Here is what we did prior to our departure:

  • We soaked and dehydrated nuts that we brought with us for easy snacks and nut milks (walnuts and almonds).
  • We made our favorite granola that we brought with us. They made amazing breakfasts and snacks.
  • And we packed our wonderful blender. Surprisingly Vitamix travels extremely well. We packed the base in our carry on and the jug in our checked baggage. We used it everyday for our morning and afternoon smoothies.
  • We traveled by plane and made a beautiful quinoa salad the night before our take off. We enjoyed eating it on the plane and felt great.

Now, here are our tips while on the road:

  • We made sure to eat a good breakfast before hitting the road for our daily activities and we always packed with us water (spring water if possible), a smoothie and fruits to have for a snack.
  • Everywhere we stopped for lunch, we always asked for a vegan salad, even if no salad was mentioned on the menu. Our best salad was actually at a restaurant that didn’t have any salads on their menu for lunch. Our motto: never be shy to ask. We are often nicely surprised.
  • We bought a used juicer off Craigslist at her first stop and used it everyday, then re posted it on the last day. Juicing gave us straight energy and nutrition each day…

We had a wonderful trip. We went to farmer’s markets in the places we visited and ate wonderful ripe fruits and seasonal vegetables. We felt good during our trip knowing that we were enjoying ourselves while taking good care of our bodies.

Enjoy your trips and let us know your ideas!

In good health,

Kat & Val