How a Virus Changes the World [Video]

How a Virus Changes the World [Video]

How a Virus Changes the World [Video]

I’m sorry, I love your website, but this video is out of place. The world doesn’t need more scare tactics, and this video is reminiscent of 50s anti-red propaganda. The solution isn’t to barricade ourselves in our suburban homes and to eat boxed food. The solution is to fight/stop encouraging/ stop buying food from conglomerates which are responsible for most of today’s pandemics by, like you showed in the video, cramming animals too close together in unsanitary conditions. The purpose is not to be scared; the purpose is to understand that things are not random, they are usually caused by something, and in present day it’s factory farming that is to blame for most of the world’s problems. Aljosha Novakovic

Response to the “concerned citizen”: If you love the website than have some basic respect for this video. It includes no false information and stocking up on some emergency supplies is not a bad idea. What is the worse that can happen? We don’t have an epidemic and you eat the food inside, big deal.

This is not a scare tactic. It is simply a well made, honest video that keeps people’s attention. All they are doing is trying to get people to visit their site and become informed. And who knows, maybe even discover new ways of pressuring food manufacturers into creating more sanitary facilities such as you suggested.

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