Hmm, and to think that the Bang Bus …

Hmm, and to think that the Bang Bus …

Comment posted Dancing Bear Male Dancers. Did you know they are not real? by wes.hopper.

Hmm, and to think that the Bang Bus was just really a couple of horny dudes picking a stranger girl off the street, having their way with her in their van on the open road and then dumping her at a gas station several times a week…

What a rip off.

wes.hopper also commented

  • this is just bizzare.
  • there is actually a club here in oregon that is called the dancing bear but it has females
  • It is a sad day when you cannot count on porn to be real.

    Seriously though, just about every one of the "amateur" or "candid" "hitchhiker" etc porn sites are the same scam.

    there was a club here in south florida that had male dancers and was women only until a half hour before the end. Then males were let in to the upper level to watch until the end.
    The first time around it was pretty shocking to see these middle class women going absolutely crazy-but no sex acts allowed.
    They were mighty horny afterwords.

  • Hate to break this to you, but you aren’t very smart if you thought that was real. Kinda like WWF wrestling.

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  • Pleazz help me with PE?
    We are not here to do your homework/tests for you.
  • Pleazz help me with PE?
    Do you realise that in the time you spent typing all of that out, you could have looked up the answers in your text book? Either way I would suggest opening your text book and having a read mate.

    Oh and if in doubt .. pick ‘C’ .. always works

  • Pleazz help me with PE?
    1. B
    2. C
    3. D
    4. C
    5. B
    do the rest yourself, think about it….
  • Pleazz help me with PE?
    Cheating does not help you in school. Just do your work so that you have a better work ethic. It will help you in college and in your career.
  • Pleazz help me with PE?
    Don’t you have something to study… Why are you asking us?

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