Going on a Spa Break: Full Body Treatment

Going on a Spa Break: Full Body Treatment

Living with such fast-paced lifestyles, people yearn for breaks every so often. Indeed, relaxation is as essential to good health as proper diet and exercise. For this, the ultimate treatment would be a day or two at the spa.

Most people share the common misconception that spas are only a luxury. It is something only the rich have the time and money for. With thousands of spas and saunas in operation today, encouraging customers with discounts and special weekend rates, there is no longer any excuse for the average person to deny him/herself of this treatment.

Spas are sanctuaries that provide customers not only with relaxation and time away from work, but also an overall sense of well-being. They offer treatments that not only help enhance one’s outward appearance, but also improve one’s health as well.

Some of the most common services offered are facials, massages, mud masques and baths, sauna baths, body wraps, and skin peels, and grooming.

How to go on a spa day

Probably, the best way to go about planning a spa day is to do a little bit of research on the web. Dozens of websites offer this service wherein they find a spa based on the customer’s needs and location.

Take advantage of special offers and rates. Most spas lower their prices for special holidays, and for the peak season. They also usually have special packages for families and couples. Lately, more and more spas have been offering prenatal spa days for expectant mothers.

Many banks also offer spa day promos for their credit card holders. So it is always a good idea to double check on the credit card company’s program in order to take advantage of these kinds of deals.

Aside from considering special rates and promos as a factor in choosing a spa, a person should also think about the treatments he/she will need. Different packages offer different treatments. Spas may also differ in the packages they offer.

Once the person has decided on the spa and the package deal, booking a date should be easy. This can be done over the phone or the Internet. If one is going on a spa vacation, planning it through holiday websites can be a big help. Some websites may already include the flight and hotel booking as part of their service in finding the customer a spa destination.

The Usual Treatments Offered

Following are the treatments all spas usually include in most of their packages:


Facials, in general are intended to cleanse the face and smooth out the skin through exfoliation. Varieties of this treatment involve the use of creams, lotions, masks, and peels.

During the facial, the very first thing the specialist does is to clean the customer’s face with cotton or sponges, and a facial cleanser. The facial cleanser to be used should be suitable to the customer’s skin type. Usually, a mild facial wash is used for people with normal skin. Gel-based products are great for people with an oily skin type. And creams work well with dry skin, as they moisturize.

After cleansing, an esthetician (a cosmetologist who specializes in skincare) usually examines the person’s skin under white light. This will allow the specialists to take note of the customer’s skin condition, and of which areas of the face need special attention.

Next is the exfoliation treatment. Exfoliation rejuvenates the face by removing dead skin cells. There are two ways to go about it; mechanical and chemical. In mechanical exfoliation, an abrasive material is rubbed against the skin. The use of exfoliation sheets, fine sugar or salt crystals, or micro-grain facial scrubs is common to this technique. Mechanical exfoliation is usually accompanied with the use of steam or steam towels. Chemical exfoliation, on the other hand, involves the application of acidic chemicals prepared by a dermatologist. This technique works great for people with an acne condition.

After the exfoliation, blackheads and whiteheads will be extracted. Extraction, however, is quite optional, as it can be very painful.

The face is then massaged with gentle, gliding strokes. This relaxes the skin and the underlying muscles, thus promoting circulation.

Next, a facial mask is usually applied. Masks are deep cleansing, and they also tighten the pores. They give the face a nice, youthful glow. The mask to be used should be based on the person’s skin type. Clay masks are good for people with oily or normal skin. They have a detoxifying effect, and they also help prevent blackheads. For people with dry skin, make sure that the mask to be used is one that can moisturize the skin.

Finally, facials are usually topped off with the use of creams and toners. A facial should cost around $75.


Massages are the most commonly offered treatment in spas. A spa day cannot be called a spa day if there was no massage treatment.

Massages are both relaxing and beneficial to one’s health as they promote circulation, and they release tension from the muscles. They are very effective in relieving stress, anxiety and depression. Overall, massages are good because they work and stretch the muscles.

It is normal for the customer to be nude under towel cover during the treatment. Only the area to be massaged (the person’s back) is exposed.

Scented oil is rubbed on the person’s back, and the massage therapist will then begin applying pressure to the back, the neck, and the shoulder muscles. The therapist may use his/her fingers and palms in massaging the customer. The elbows, forearms, and even the feet may also be used.

The Swedish massage is the most common kind offered in most spas. It makes use of effleurage, which are long and gliding massage strokes applied with slight pressure.

Sauna baths

Saunas are very popular in spas. They are bath rooms that have high humidity. The heat from the humidity is believed to have a therapeutic effect on a person’s body.

A person usually enters the sauna with either a robe or a towel on. People usually shower before entering so as to promote perspiration. About a dipper-full of water is pored into a heater. This is how the steam is produced.

Staying in a sauna bath makes the person sweat as if he/she were exercising or experiencing fever. It can be good for people with asthma and bronchitis. It is also great for people who suffer from joint pains. However, staying in the sauna for a prolonged period of time could be risky to one’s health. For one thing, it may lead to dehydration. It is recommended that a person stay for about 10-15 minutes inside the bath, and then spend 5 minutes in the pool in order to cool the body down. One should enter the pool gradually.

Mud baths

Mud baths are also becoming quite popular in spas today. Spas have adapted the old tradition of bathing in natural pools of mud for relaxation. Mud pools were known to be full natural minerals from volcanic ash. People bathed in them for relaxation and therapeutic reasons.

A mud bath is good for detoxifying the body. It is able to extract toxins from the body through the skin. In the process, it also exfoliates the skin. Like the sauna, it also promotes circulation in the body. The minerals in it also nourish the skin, improving its complexion, and making it soft and smooth.

A mud bath is usually heated to about 37 or 38 degrees centigrade. There will be someone nearby to assist the customer should he/she need to get out of the bath or get a drink of water. After the mud bath, the customer then cools off with a shower.

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