Eating Your Favorite Foods to Lose Weight – Food – EzineMark

Eating Your Favorite Foods to Lose Weight – Food – EzineMark

With so many diets to choose from, how do you decide which one is best for you? The way to choose is to eat what you like! It is possible to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight. Believe it or not, denying yourself foods that you enjoy can actually reverse the dieting process by triggering binge eating. Although it’s ideal to stick to all healthy foods to lose weight, you can live a healthy life and consume unhealthy foods if you eat in moderation and are choose with care.

If some of your favorite treats consist of sodas, jellies or other sweets, try substituting them for the non-fat or sugar-free versions. If it’s milk or chocolate bars that you crave, exchange these for a nice cold glass of almond milk or a cup of chocolate pudding. These options alone can cut calories up to 50%. For recipes that require sugar, try stevia instead. If oil is needed, use applesauce for dessert recipes or coconut oil in small amounts for appetizers or main meals. This is a great task to add to your fitness training plan. The ways to substitute ingredients are limitless, yet taste is not forfeited.

It is possible to become intimidated by a diet or fitness training plan because of the rigorous conditions we think we will have to bear. The truth is, you can have fun! The funnest part will likely be seeing results, but have some fun throughout the process as well. Some people are more of a “cold-turkey” type. They get rid of all junk food, and don’t ever touch it again. That is a great option, but for most people that is hard, plus enjoying food here and there is a good thing.

The best thing to do, inspite of your personal diet or strategy, is to create a fitness training plan. Write down on paper, what your goals are, and what you are going to implement in your diet and your exercise regime to meet those goals. Without a plan, you are planning to fail. Even a very simple plan makes a huge difference. Without a plan, you have no direction, therefore you’ll probably not end up in the desired destination.

Therefore, by all means, eat your favorite foods to lose weight while having some fun. Try your favorite pasta with tomato sauce rather than cream sauce. However, if sacrificing cream sauce is not an option for you, prepare it with a mix of mozzarella cheese and low calorie yogurt, avoiding the milk, butter and various cheeses used in most recipes. There are very few changes that need to be made to eat healthy and lose weight.

A key factor in this method of dieting is preparing your meals at home rather than eating out. Restaurant foods tend to have a very high sodium and sugar content, and the amount of fat included in each meal can very easily use a half day’s calorie intake in one sitting – - over 1,000 calories. To eat your favorite foods and lose weight, just be mindful of how you eat them. Make sure that you use a variety of foods with a high nutritional value and have fun exploring these options. You’ll love your favorites even more when you see those pounds melt away!

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